A NewBeginning

Looking back nearly forty years ago, DURAFLEX started our first series of classic buckle, the Mojave. It was our humble beginning where everything started to take off. Since then, we have continued to provide the Out door Community with innovations & creativity by constantly evolving our products, such as the Stealth buckle series – one of our earliest, but most popular buckle series, is still used by many even until today.


When we began to look at Sustainability, we realised that it is not just about designing a new product line, developing a new material, or reinventing our operation & equipment . It is going back to the drawing boards – to the very beginning, as if we are creating a new company today with only Sustainability in mind – What will we do? How will we do it? When can we make it happen?


It is happening TODAY – we are introducing our “new” brand – the green “Duraflex”

Why Green Duraflex?

As with our Classic Duraflex brand products, we pride ourselves on never sacrificing quality.  We never try to rush our product development process in order to bring a product to market.  We take the time to make sure that the product(s) being developed meet the highest standards possible.


We have a dedicated team of designers, developers and technicians that are constantly sources, designing and testing the materials and products to make sure that they will not just meet but exceed our customers’ needs and requirements.


Although it may be your brand name on that backpack, garment or accessory, we are a part of your finished products and are behind the scenes supporting you, your factories and your consumers.  That is why we put our name and logo on our fasteners and trims.

The Balance

As far as our Sustainability products, it is even more important and has certainly been more challenging to not only source the best raw materials but also design parts using these “sustainable” materials so that they function properly and stand up against the numerous testing parameters we expect and that the outdoor industry requires.  This gives you, our customer, the confidence that these products will function perfectly, look and feel great, and stand up to the rigorous use by the consumer.

Sustainability inDuraflex

1. Material Sourcing


To search and develop green alternative materials, our material team has been looking into different sources, such as textile, landfill and natural wastes, renewable source…etc. from the market and our environment.

2. Re-Think Design

Design for Eco Material


Re-engineering the design to adopt the material properties to strengthen and achieve our quality and standard

3. Product Manufacture

100% Safety Goal

Offer industrial and safty knowledge training to our staffs.

Solar Panel

Increase the % of clean, green source of energy and to reduce the carbon footprint

Waste recycle reuse / kg


Water conservation / kg


Energy saving / kg


Our Goal

Reduce Use Of Fossil Fuel

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Sustainability Milestone

  • 2021

    Green.Duraflex Launch with 2 more new green materials
  • 2020


    Launched 3rd collection of products made with recycle material
  • 2019

    Duraflex Group has adopted GRS certified polymers and textiles as raw materials.  


    Launched 2nd  collection of products made with natural content material
  • 2018

    Solar Panel

    We installed solar panel in our Shanghai Factory and have saved significant powers and reduce greenhouse gas emission  


    We launched the 1st collection of products made with plant-based material
  • 2016

    Certificated for ISO 50001 Energy Management
  • 2014

    FEM since 2014
  • 2013

    Duraflex RSL 1.0 Version Launch

    And till today we are with version 8.0 We start work Puma and establish Puma SAVE Program.  
  • 2012

    Sustainability Dept. Establish

  • 2010

    Duraflex Group became the first certified trim industry system partner of bluesign®

Your Options

The other reason to consider Green Duraflex when looking for a sustainable story for your products, is that we provide a variety of options.  Whether you are looking for recycled materials, natural materials, or renewable materials, we have a solution to fit your needs. Green Duraflex offers the most options in sustainable trims and fasteners.